The 2000 MW Coal fired thermal power plant in Khammouane province is one of the major project to be invested by Petroleum Trading Lao Public Company (PTL). The Plant is located 17 km away from Lao-Viet border (Naphao – Cha-lo Border check point).

In full capacity the plant will have an annual energy generation of 13,402 GWh and would need a daily coal consumption of 16,000MT!

To support this mega project, Sitthi Logistics Lao Co., Ltd had been awarded to operate the coal transport from VungAng port at Ha Tinh Province in Vietnam and then transport to the plant site in Laos, located at about 170 km from the port. On the way back Sitthi trucks will back load fly ash from the plant to the port.

Required Coal quantity and Truck requirement.

The requirement for the Coal volume would be tons per annum equivalent to 16,000MT per day. This would require transport truck of more than 500 Trucks will be used to serve this project.